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The Better Site Offline Solution

Site Lock is a FREE, one of a kind extension for the Joomla CMS that will allow you to password protect your site from being viewed while you are still in development mode.

This is much different from using the standard "Site Offline" feature of Joomla. No more need to use an HTaccess file to lock down your site. The Site Lock extension will give you much more flexibility.

 Supported Joomla Versions
Supported Versions

sitelock loginHTaccess Style Access

When you put your site offline you can require a login that you set up for those you want to have access. Block the site from being viewd until you are ready for your clients to see it.

editorCustom HTML Message

You can easily set up a fully customizable HTML message. You can even embed a newsletter sign up or contact form if your site is in developement.

usersCreate Multiple Logins

Add multiple usernames and passwords that you cannot do with an htaccess block. These are not users on your website so no need to set up special access levels like you do with the Joomla core site offline feature.















Have you ever used the "Site Offline" feature of Joomla and wished that you could allow your clients, colleagues, or friends to view the site without making it public or adding them as a "special" level administrator user?

Or have you ever logged into the front of your site while it is offline to view how it will look to the public only to find that you have those little edit article icons on every page of the site and you cannot get a true feel for how the site will look to non-logged in visitors?

What if you had to simply update your site for an hour or two and wanted your visitors to know that you'll be back online soon and not to worry?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, Site Lock is your answer.

Site lock offers you the following benefits:

  • HTaccess style site protection
  • Give your clients their own login (without making them a user on your website)
  • No file editing or programming necessary
  • Create your own custom splash page message
  • Custom splash page message supports HTML formatting you can edit with your favorite WYSIWYG Editor
  • Site Lock is FREE to download and use on as many sites as you wish
  • Log in and view your site just as if it were live and see it as the public would see it
  • No more needing to use the standard "Site Offline" feature of Joomla
  • Gives you more control of the site during the design process
  • You choose who can see the site and who can't with custom login credentials
  • Enable and Disable in one click


Simply use the form below to get instant access to this one of a kind extension...

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