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Coming SoonJenius Learning Management System (LMS), E-Learning and Course Management Software, Online Training Platform, Web Based Elearning for Joomla CMS.

Jenius LMS is the world's ONLY full featured, open source, GPL licensed Learning Management System extension for the Joomla CMS.

This website is a preview of our upcoming Jenius Learning Management System software extension for the Joomla CMS. Please browse around and look at our features and screen shots of the Jenius LMS.

Jenius LMS will allow you to create your very own custom e-learning portal where you can have full control over your training content and management of processes. This software was designed to have features that rival the most expensive commercially licensed learning management systems on the market. The Jenius LMS will save your organization literally thousands of dollars each year over other commercially available options. And best of all the Jenius LMS is a fully supported open source software.

About this project

Jenius LMS - The premier open source Learning Management System for the Joomla Content Management System.
Integrated Technology and Design is a team of talented software programmers from the Chicago land area developing the Jenius LMS; an open source teaching and training tool that will allow schools and businesses to have full control over their training resources.

What is it?
Jenius LMS is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, and reporting of training programs,  e-learning programs, and training content. When you have a Jenius LMS course of your own, you own your training course, you have access to your student/employee information whenever you want, and you have full control of your online courses.

What is the project about?
We believe that privacy and connectedness do not have to be mutually exclusive. With the Jenius LMS we will be implementing secure ways of storing student/employee records as well as creating social networking features that will allow the students and teachers to more easily collaborate. Jenius LMS will be easy to use, and it will be centered on the user instead of a faceless software program.

Why are we building it?
ITD created the very first original learning management system for the Joomla CMS. We need to build a new system from scratch that will offer a much more robust and flexible framework that is expendable and can more easily grow over time. This new system will boast the most features and have better usability than any other learning management system that exists for the Joomla CMS. We believe that our software should be open source and released with a license that will provide our users with the freedom to customize and extend the software to suit their needs. Proprietary systems are closed source, hard to use, and very expensive. The Jenius LMS will offer an easy to use interface and robust features that will allow pretty much any school or business to be able to provide and sell professional level access to their training content.

Want to have your very own custom LMS?
If you have a need for a robust and customized Learning management System contact us today for a quote.

Jenius LMS Features

The Jenius LMS boasts a TON of great features. You will also see a few of our teaser screenshots below.

We will list the key features here but keep in mind there are MANY MORE features and there just simply isn't enough room to list them all here.

    Fully Open Source Code
    Released under the GPLv2 License
    Flexible MVC File Format
    Securely Written Code
    Professionally Supported
    Robust Reporting Features
    Front End Course Management
    Groups Management
    Student, Teacher, and Administrator Roles
    Search Engine Friendly
    Intuitive Design For Increased User Experience
    Create Full Featured Courses that contain videos, lessons, resources, documents, quizes, and certificates
    Quiz Manager with 14 different question types
    Create custom certificates for your organization
    E-commerce capabilities - Offer free and paid courses
    Versatile payment plugin architecture
    Rich media pages and resources
    SCORM course content
    Robust Reporting and performance management
    Social integration features
    Email notifications
    Modular system - Only install and use the features that you need (no extra bloated code)
    Easy to install - no special installation hassles
    Install on YOUR OWN SERVER - no need to pay for additional hosted services
    Documented API - Other 3rd party developers can take advantage of the Jenius LMS "API" and build applications of their own to further enhance the system.
    Content creation from directly within the system
    Full administration tools

Here are a few of our teaser screenshots for you to get a glimpse of what Jenius LMS is all about. Click on an image to see a full size image.