Commercial Product Support

This support department is dedicated to our commercial product customers. In order to receive support for our commercial products you must have an active license subscription.

If you cannot create a new support ticket then you should check to see if your subscription is expired and renew it in order to receive support.

Please read this BEFORE posting a new support ticket!

1. Please make sure you are using the most up to date version of Joomla.
(We will not support old versions of Joomla) You can get the updated versions here:

2. Please make sure you are using the most recent version of our software. The License/Downloads area will always have the latest version available.
(We will not support old versions of our software. In most cases we have already fixed your issue)

3. Please provide us with ALL of the information requested so we can support you more quickly.
(Your information is secure and is only used to provide top quality support)

4. Please be as descriptive as possible about your issue.
(Simply saying *it doesn not work* does not help us to help you and will delay us in supporting you.)

5. If we have already answered a previous ticket and you want to reply to it, DO NOT post a new ticket. You can simply reply to your existing ticket.

Please note: In order to access our support ticketing system you must be logged into this website.

Username: Password:

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