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Convert Your Exit Traffic

Conversion Splash can help you convert your visitors when they try to leave your website.

Get a second chance and ecourage your prospects to take action.

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Here's the deal.

People are LEAVING your website.

But here's what sucks...


You work so hard to get website visitors to show up, so why not do everything possible to get them converted into a paying customer, registered member, a mailing list subscriber.

Did you ever wish that you could have a second chance at making a sale?

The Conversion Splash plugin for Joomla will give you that SECOND CHANCE!


Discover how this tiny but powerful plugin can
instantly increase your sales and capture fresh leads


Watch this short video demonstration of how it works


Don’t waste your web traffic!

  • Use this one of a kind plugin to GRAB your exit traffic before they never come back.

Put more money in your pocket!

  • Use this handy little plugin for downsells.
  • Use it to grab contact info so you can market to them later.
  • Use it to show a discounted offer.
  • Use it to show the visitor assurance why they should buy from you.
  • Create a chain of multiple exit offers.

Look at these statistics

  • The average bounce rate is over 50% - This means that 50% of your website visitors are only on your website for a few seconds before they decide to leave. Lower your bounce rates by enticing them with freebies.

  • The average shopping abandonment rate is 45% - This means that 45% of your buyers have already begun to commit to purchasing from you but changed their mind for some reason. Use this plugin to offer them a discount before they leave your site.

  • The average tracked conversion rates are only 4 to 8 percent - This means on average 92% to 96% of your visitors are leaving your website and not taking any action on you website.

These aren't made up numbers. These are real analytics numbers that are tracked and reported.

You spend so much time and money on getting traffic to your website, why not squeeze every last drop out of it that you can.

  • SEO traffic -  All that hard work to get them to your site, and they all leave anyway.

  • PPC traffic -  Time and money gone down the drain every time someone leaves your website.

  • Other paid traffic - Again, more time and money gets flushed every time people leave your site.

  • Affiliate traffic - Low conversion rates means nobody will refer your product or services.

  • Social network traffic - What’s the point in posting your links if people just leave anyways?

You get the point. You’re not stupid. You’re smart enough to know you could do better.


This plugin works for any situation

  • Content sites - regardless of your niche, or method of monetization.

  • Sales pages - regardless of what you're selling.

  • E-commerce sites - regardless of what you're selling/promoting.

  • Landing pages - regardless of what kind of landing page it is.

  • Squeeze pages - regardless of your opt-in rate, unless it's 100%.

If you can copy and paste, then you can use this plugin to get more subscribers and paying customer WITHOUT increasing your traffic. It’s so simple you won’t believe it.

So here’s how it works...

When someone tries to leaving a specific informational or landing page of your site, an unblockable pop up box will appear and tell the visitor to stay on your site or tell them you have something special for them. The visitor will click to stay on your site, and they will be re-directed to a "Second Chance" landing page.


This new "Second Chance" landing page will contain your content to try to get them to purchase with a discount or similar tactic, or at the very least, sign up for your mailing list.

A "Second Chance" landing page is simply an alternative web page the visitor is taken to as an alternative to leaving your website.

Now there’s one thing you need to know about this script. This is NOT a regular pop-up window. In fact it is not a pop-up window at all. It is actually a browser dialogue box that is built into practically every modern browser. And because of this it is naturally UNBLOCKABLE by pop-up blockers.

These dialogue boxes are actually the same things as when something goes wrong on your computer and you get the pop-up dialogue that tells you something went wrong, well this is the same type of pop-up.

Consider the following scenario and how it can affect your conversions:


Conversion Splash TagsCustom Content Tags

Create up to 20 custom tags that make sense to you. Link to your own customized second chance offers and conversion pages. Don't let prospects get away without taking action.

Conversion Splash PopupsCustom Popup Messages

Create your own unique popup window messages to entice your exiting users to view your second chance conversion pages.

Conversion Splash ContentSo Simple To Use

Simply add your tags anywhere that content tagging is supported. You can add tags to any module, content item, or components that support content tags. Any page that has your hidden tags will trigger when the browser window or tab is closed giving you a second chance to convert your prospects.



















  • Increases your conversion rates
  • Add up to 20 unique tags
  • Automatically redirect visitors to your second chance offer pages when visitors attempt to leave your site.
  • Get that second chance you never had before.


Joomla CMS

Tags can be placed in any article, module, or component that supports content tags.

If you are trying to use content tags in a component or other area of your site that does not support content tags (RE: shopping cart product pages) then this plugin will not trigger. If you are not sure if a particular component supports content tags please check with the developer of that extension.



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