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Main features of this popular Joomla Event Registration component

Explore the powerful features that give you robust event management yet easy to use.



Joomla Core Profiles

Easily integrate your event registration forms with the Joomla core profile fields. When users are logged into the site, the event registration forms are automatically populated with the user's profile information to save the users time when registering for your events.

cb integration

Community Builder Integration

Using Community Builder for your user's profiles? No problem. You can map any custom profile field with your custom event registration forms. Using our Community Builder plugin you can also set up a profile tab that allows users to see their event registration history directly in their profile.

jomsocial integration

JomSocial Integration

Our JomSocial integration is designed to give your events the most exposure to your users. Events are automatically posted to the site and user's activity streams when an event is created. Also when a user registers to an event a notice of their registration is posted to their activity streams promoting the events.

Event Management Features

event lists

Customizable Event Listings

Event list view or a calendar view, the choice is yours. With multiple event display options your can have a choice about how your visitors see your events. With so many configuration options you can easily customize the information you want to show on the front end.



Create Custom Event Pages

You are in full control of your event pages. You can choose how you want to have your event page content look by using the built in Joomla WYSIWYG editors. You can customize your event pages with logos, formatted text, images, links, and more.


event manager

Manage Events Easily

Manage all your events in one place. See how many registrants are pending or accepted to your events at a glance. You can manage the registrants of each event individually and even send emails directly from the system to your event registrants.


Payments, Tickets, and Discounts

payment gateways

Payment Gateway Options

There are more payment gateway options available for Event Registration Pro than any other event extension for Joomla. You can choose to use the include Paypal and Offline Payment plugins or your can get additional payment gateway plugins for accepting credit cards directly on your website.


Offer Multiple Ticket Types

Offer multiple event ticket choices to your registrants. You can set quantity limits and even add tax to the prices of your items. You can also sell optional add-on items such as books,  lunch, dinner, transportation, etc.


Automated Discounts

You can offer automatic discounts for people that register early for your events or if multiple tickets are added to the cart (RE: Groups). These automated discounts are displayed on your event pages to help entice your potential registrants to sign up quickly.

Event Options


Event Registration Forms

Each event can have a custom event registration form. We offer 9 form field types so you can collect any data that you wish from your registrants. You are not limited to the amount of fields and each form has its own custom Thank You page where you can add additional information for the registrants.

email templates

Personalized Emails

The flexibility of Event Registration Pro carries over to our email templates. Registrants will receive a personalized confirmation email as well as event reminder emails before the event. You can customize the emails using multiple tags we have provided. Site administrators can even get a different email than your event organizers if you wish.

repeating events

Manage Repeating Events

Repeating events are very easily created using our many options available. You can set your events to repeat daily, weekly, or monthly. You can also set a custom repeating patter for a certain day each week or month or you can select a collection of specific dates that your event will be repeated.

Reports and Settings


More Access Controls

You can easily select who is able to see and register for your events. Each event has its own access control parameters and you can allow people to view an event but not allow them to register to the event unless they are logged in with the appropriate access rights.


Robust Search and Reporting

For those who manage a large group of events and registrants we have a robust search drill down to easily find the events or registrants you are looking for. Event Registration Pro also offers printable event reports showing all the data collected from your registrants including payment information, discounts, coupons used, and amount collected.


Flexible Configuration Options

With so many display and configuration options available your options are limitless. You can refine the information that you want to show globally and also how access is defined to your event system.

Display What You Want


Google Map Displays

Show your event locations on a Google Maps module. Each event location marker will show all events that are assigned to that location when clicked on by the user's mouse. Each event location can also be displayed with your event pages with a link to the Google Map of that location.

front dashboard

Front End Event Management

You can assign certain users or user groups that will have access to create and manage events from the front end of your website. Front end event managers will have access to all reports and registrant data. You can even set up to have all events submitted from the front end to be moderated before they are published to your website.

rss feeds

Event RSS Feeds

Allow your website visitors to subscribe to an RSS feed of your events. This allows your users to post your event feeds on other sites as well as allowing others to be notified of new events when they are added to your system.

Feature list

Event Registration Pro is the PREMIER event extension for Joomla! Event Registration Pro boasts the largest feature list of any other event registration extension available for Joomla.

Event Registration Pro comes with the following:

  • Event Registration Pro Calendar core component
  • Offline and Paypal payment plugins (Additional payment plugins optional)
  • Joomla Admin Control Panel Icon module (Easy Access to Reg Pro from your Joomla Control Panel)
  • Latest Events module (Show off your upcoming events)
  • Event Categories module (Show events from a specific category)
  • Mini Calendar module(Show your events inside a mini calendar module)
  • Google Maps Module

General Features

  • Joomla Native MVC file format
  • Comprehensive Demo Event Registration Pro has an
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Community Builder and JomSocial Integrations
  • Sample data included to help get you started fast
  • Comprehensive User Manual
  • Professional Support
  • Full CSS styling capabilities
  • 30+ additional Payment plugin options are available (sold separately)
  • More features than any other Event Registration Software available for Joomla!
  • Built in Events Calendar
  • Supports Joomla Template Overrides
  • Custom event registration forms

Front End Features

  • Event Registration Pro has an intuitive front end interface for your visitors
  • Front End event management for approved users
  • Event Search
  • Search Engine Friendly URL's
  • Registrants can register to multiple events and checkout all at once
  • Easy two step event registration process
  • Collapsible Event Categories
  • Event Calendar, Event List, Category, and Daily Event Views
  • Event Detail Pages
  • Offer multiple payment options - More than any other event management system for Joomla!
  • Multiple event tickets (Offer multiple ticket choices for each event)
  • Sell additional sale items like books, lunches, or Dinners
  • Fully customizable event registration forms
  • Cart style checkout
  • Confirmation of chosen tickets and quantities
  • Discount Coupon Codes
  • Multiple Ticket Discounts are automatically displayed and applied
  • Early Registration Discounts are automatically displayed and applied
  • Offer both Free and Paid events
  • Registrant confirmation emails
  • Users can select
  • Users can select Calendar or List views for their own preference of browsing your events
  • Show your event seat capacities on the front end. (available, registered, max seats)
  • Google maps links to the event locations
  • Attendee list can be set to public or hidden for any given event
  • Public or registered users only events
  • Automated event reminder emails
  • Customized and personalized Thank You pages
  • Individual or Group Registration
  • Offline Payment Option- You can collect payments via mail, fax, pay at the door, or phone
  • An event that is not free for participants can be configured to require billing and payment information (or just billing in the case of payment by check) from the participant during the registration process
  • If a single organization wishes to register multiple people to attend an event, they may choose multiple quantities of event tickets and the registration form will be shown multiple times to collect the information for each individual attendee and then be paid for all in one shot
  • Group registration features allow people to purchase multiple quantities of a ticket and only fill our one registration form.
  • "Sold Out" image in the event listing page to show that an event has been sold out or at maximum capacity.

Administrative Features

  • The simplicity of Registration Pro's event setup process allows people familiar with the system to set up new events to begin taking online registrations within as little as five minutes
  • Event Registration Pro automatically generates a series of event and registration web pages on your site for every event that is created.
  • Administrators can summarize the event details using text, photos, and links just like using a standard Joomla article page.
  • Allow Multiple payment options Administrators can create multiple "tickets" for each event meaning that they can have, for example, separate tickets for event admission, breakfast, lunch, dinner banquets, etc. Each event ticket option can have tax added to it if the administrator chooses to do so
  • Complete event reports Export event report data to Excel
  • Search events, registrants, emails, etc from the back end via the advanced search area
  • Manually register someone to an event
  • Custom event registration form builder
  • Check boxes and radio buttons can be displayed vertically or horizontally Groups - separate your form fields into separate groups
  • Single select drop down form fields
  • Multiple select form fields
  • File upload form fields
  • Text fields
  • Text Area fields
  • Password fields
  • Calendar date fields
  • Multi select check box fields
  • Single select check box fields
  • Color code your event categories
  • Customized date and time formats
  • Display latest events in a module
  • Display events from a particular category in a module
  • Use the same form for all events or create multiple forms for a mixture of events
  • Preformatted fields to collect First Name, Last Name, and Email address information upon registration to an event is automatically generated as mandatory fields when creating a new registration form
  • Every custom registration form has it's own "Thank You" page associated with it
  • Event Registration Pro allows the event coordinator to control when participants may register for their event using explicitly stated registration published start and end dates Designated registration periods.
  • You can cut off registration to an event days before the actual event date so that you can better prepare for the event without getting last minute registrations.
  • The status for each event can be, OPEN--FULL--CLOSED--CANCELED Every event will have a "status" Event coordinators have full control over the registrations that are submitted for the events Registration Pro system provides multiple methods of locating and viewing the registrations
  • Ability to add or delete participants. The event coordinator may delete registrations for the event at anytime
  • Allow administrators to choose whether an event is viewable by public/registered/special members
  • Archive old events automatically if they are past a certain amount of days
  • Administrators are able to view the transaction data for the individuals that register to an event.
  • Robust reports for each individual event can be printed out Reports give the administrator a very clear view of the data collected from the registration forms and the ticket options that we chosen at the time of registration Reports show data like name, email address, registration date, data collected from the registration form, ticket choices, income of event, and tax amounts collected
  • The Event Registration Pro system is set up to notify event coordinators by email when activities occur within their events Email notifications include: when a participant registers for their event the admin can email all registrants of an event or email only selected registrants of an event. Confirmation emails are sent to event registrants and you can choose to have a reminder email sent to the registrant "X" many days before the event Location Manager Ability to use unique email addresses or not Custom email messages Email individual or selected registrants of an event
  • Discount Coupon Codes ($ or %)
  • Default Currency setup
  • Ability to create $0.00 tickets
  • Ajax Features
  • Sell Additional Items such as Books, lunches, dinners, etc at the time of registration
  • Max Event Capacity Cutoff function
  • Registration Cut-Off Date
  • Easy to customize text from within the language file
  • Multi-language support using language file edits.
  • CSV Export of registration records
  • Mass Email to all registrants of an Event Transaction Details can be sent in the registrant's confirmation emails.
  • Show the number of people registered to an event and how many seats are still available.
  • Multiple events can use the same registration form Ability to edit registration records easily from the back end
  • Automated and customizable event reminder emails



Event Registration Pro Calendar minimum requirements are as follows:

Event Registration Pro For Joomla 1.5

  • The latest release of Joomla 1.5.X CMS installed and operational
  • PHP5.2.x or PHP5.3
  • MySQL 5.x

Special Requirements:

  • If using some 3rd party payment gateway plugins you will need to have an SSL certificate applied.
  • PHP 5.4 is not supported



Event Registration Pro For Joomla 2.5

  • The latest release of Joomla 2.5.X CMS installed and operational
  • PHP5.3.x or above
  • MySQL 5.x

Special Requirements:

  • If using some 3rd party payment gateway plugins you will need to have an SSL certificate applied.












Payment Gateways

Event Registration Pro has the ability to add multiple payment options for your registrants to choose from.

A standard install of Event Registration Pro includes 2 payment plugin options, an offline Payment Plugin that will allow you to accept the registrations and have the registrant mail in their payments, and a Paypal Standard gateway plugin so that you can start charging for bookings immediately via Paypal.

We do have an optional (AIM) payment gateway plugin available here. offers MANY additional payment gateways for Event Registration Pro.

Please Note: Joomla Showroom is not affiliated with nor endorse 3rd party developers that create payment plugins for our system. Joomla Showroom does not offer support for the 3rd party gateways these companies are selling. We list them here so that our customers will know that there are many other payment options available. For support or general inquiries regarding these payment gateways please contact these providers directly.

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