Facebook Timeline Covers Master Graphics Pack

Are you looking for high quality and professionally designed Facebook Timeline Covers for your own or your client's Facebook Pages?

We have put together this HUGE collection of 47 professional Timeline PSD Templates that will make it easy for you to create those killer FB Timeline Covers that are sure to impress people.


  1. Premium Quality Graphics - Every PSD template includes high resolution graphic elements and backgrounds. We even include blank "web ready" JPEG templates (without text) for those that cannot edit PSD files.
  2. Totally Customizable - These PSD files come with many elements that you can mix and match for a huge variety of designs.
  3. Usable For Any Niche Market - All templates and images are flexible to be used in any niche market you desire. There are no limitations with what you can do. Add your own elements or stock photos and make them unique for your clients or your own use.
  4. Add A New Revenue Stream - Use these tempaltes to market a new service to your clients. If you already do social media marketing and graphic design then you can now add Facebook Timeline Covers to your portfolio and create a new stream of revenue for your business.

Only $10





  • 47 Layered PSD Templates - Get all of these Premium Facebook Timeline Cover templates below that you can edit with Photoshop, GIMP, Photoshop Elements, or any other graphics program that supports PSD files.

  • 'Web Ready" JPEG graphics without text - If you do not have a graphics editor that supports PSD files then no worries. We also have included a series of JPEG files that you can use ANY photo editor to add your own text and grapghics.

  • List of Fonts - We use different fonts on various tempaltes so we also include a list of fonts that we use. So if your computer does not have a particular font installed then we got you covered and provide the names of the fonts we used.


Here are examples of the Premium Facebook Timeline Covers included in this package

Click the thumbnails for a full size preview

Only $10