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Let Your Customers Praise You

JS Testimonials allows your customers to sell your services and products for you.

If you aren't asking for customer testimonials and displaying them on your website you could be losing sales.

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testimonialCustomizable Testimonials

Add professional looking testimonials to your site. Show only the information you want to show with moderated submission options.

configurationsCustom Options

With a large amount of configuration settings you can show some information or a lot of information on your website. Flexible form collection settings allow you to select the amount of information you want to collect from your testimonial submitter.

themesFlexible CSS Themes

JS Testimonials comes with five pre-built themse that you can easily customize from within the control panel options. However if you wanted to edit the theme files directly for a more custom look and feel you can also easily do this.


Audio Testimonials

Audio testimonials can be uploaded via the front end or back end of any testimonial. It's always better to hear a testimonial right from the customer's mouth in their own words.


Video Testimonials

Video testimonials are the ultimate sales tool. If you have customers that are willing to provide you with a video testimonial you will have a better chance at making a sale.

audioplayerBuilt in Players

Built in video and audio players will allow your testimonials to be played directly on the screen so your site visitors will never be redirected to another page.



























Feature List

Here's what's included:

  • 5 customizable themes for displaying your testimonials.
  • CSS files for both component and the 3 testimonials modules.
  • Allow unregistered guest users to leave testimonials (that is, if you want to).
  • Author photos.
  • Author's website link.
  • Add text testimonials.
  • Add audio testimonials.
  • Add video Testimonials.
  • Fully customizable.
  • Settings for adjusting the 3 modules fading speed.
  • Capchta support (spam control)
  • Configure the data you want to collect.
  • Configure the data you want to display.









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