Premium Abstract Backgrounds Version 1



Are you a designer looking to spice up your images, templates, advertisements and photos? Then look no further. We have assembled version 1 of our collection of premium Abstract Backgrounds for you.

You can improve pretty much any kind of design with a nice abstract background. You can use plain text, with a nice background and nothing else, and you'll have a cool simple design. Add these effects to your website tempalte designs for a really nice and subtle effect your clients will love.

Only $10



Let's look at some samples of what you get...

(The real graphics are high resolution and 1000 x 600 pixels in size)



Highly customizable layered PSD source files

You can mix and match all the layers for a virtually unlimited assortment of custom designs. All templates come in nicely organized PSD layered files.



Here are some almost full size examples to show you the qulity of the graphics.





So what do you get?

You get over 30 (33 to be exact), high quality, abstract background images, for one super low price. You also get layered PSD files so you can customize the graphics fully. AND you get royalty free unlimited use rights to the whole collection.

Don't be fooled by our low prices. We've been usign these backgrounds in our own designs with many of our own clients and we are now offering them to the public.

Grab your copy today before we increase the price.

Only $10