"Rank Higher - Sell More" - No Matter How beautiful your Joomla! Website is, if its not ranking well on the Search Engines, then you just Don't Exist. Joomla Showroom can help you utilize the Power of Joomla! with a Cutting Edge SEO Campaign to Rank Higher, and Reach More Customers.

Joomla Website Search Engine Optimizations Services

Joomla Showroom can help you get your website optimized for all search engines so that your website can rank higher and obtain  more visitors.

Joomla Showroom can impliment our very own SEO Toolkit on your website that will include the following optimizations.

  • Search Engine Friendly URL'sJoomla SEO
  • Sitemaps
  • Proper Content Organization
  • Internal Links
  • Meta Tag Generation
  • Template Optimization
  • Alt Tags
  • Image Optimization
  •  Titles and Headings
  • Content Optimization
  • Proper Keywords
  • Keyword Density


We offer an in-depth SEO consultation for web sites, which includes:

  • Keyword research to identify the best set of core keywords for the site.
  • Determine current search engine placement for the most important keywords and keyword phrases.
  • Competitive analysis - analyzing how competitive the particular market is, and who the competition is in relation to the site's current status.
  • Examination of linking, both internal and external, and reciprocal links.
  • Analysis of page and site structure for search engine friendliness, including interface and HTML.
  • Analysis of site architecture and directory/navigation - one of the most important elements in site optimization.
  • Determination of whether additional content pages should be added for purposes of search engine indexing.

Based on research and analysis of these factors, as well as the Page Rank of the site (Google's foundational scoring mechanism, which currently affects Google and AOL rankings as well as many other portals and ISP homepages), and current standing, recommendations are made for what is needed and how to best proceed with optimization of the site.

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