Admin Updates Preview Part 1 - Event Registration Pro 4

Admin Updates Preview Part 1 - Event Registration Pro 4

For those of you not from America, we just celebrated our annual Thanksgiving Holiday where we celebrate personal relationships and all we are thankful for with an overabundance of savory food. I know I am still just as stuffed as our two Thanksgiving turkeys we cooked. But as good as the food was, I can honestly say I am sick of eating leftovers and glad to finally be overcoming my food coma.

And don’t get me started about all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday emails over the past few days. Now on with the good stuff, shall we?


While we are still in development of some really nice new features for Event Registration Pro 4.0, we wanted to give you some sneak previews of some improvements we’ve made with the admin interface. We’ll just cover a few of them in part 1 of this admin preview of Event Registration Pro 4 for Joomla. More to come in a week or two.

Yes we know we are running behind on this release, so please don’t be upset. It will be worth the wait. We promise!

Dashboard Overhaul - The Dashboard of Event Registration Pro has received an upgrade. We have consolidated some of the previous information that was displayed in tables and moved it to the colored blocks. We have also expanded the information displayed in the tables below these blocks to better view what is happening with your events and provide you with more information at your fingertips. The dashboard is much more responsive and mobile friendly than it was before.
Dashboard elements rearranged and redesigned to be more intuitive.
Dashboard chart is now responsive.
Dashboard chart now correctly calculates the discounted ticket amount paid instead of the full price.
Last 10 Transactions table has been updated with new columns and data.
Next 10 Upcoming Events table has been updated with new columns and data and links.

rp dashboard

Event Manager - The event manager screen has been updated for a clean look and some modern visual improvements. Search toolbar has been updated to work better and now includes filters for your event categories.

rp eventmanager


Main Settings - Since we have a lot of new features we also added a lot of new settings in the main component configurations. A lot of small things were updated, remove, and enhanced like more color pickers, date and time selectors, etc.

rp settings

Stay tuned for one or two more previews before we release this beast. We are working very hard to get this new version finished ASAP. Make sure you’re signed up for our newsletter to get future preview updates in your inbox.

Email Templates - Event Registration Pro 4 Preview
Event Registration Pro 4.0 Preview - New Category ...

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