Image optimization for the web

If you need to make your website load faster, rank higher in the search engines, and retain more of your visitors, then you have come to the right place.

We have put together this post to show you how images can be optimized for the web and resources on how you can optimize your images to load faster so that your website can gain more favor with both visitors and search engines.

The problem with most images is the fact that they can add major load times to your HTML as well as take up space in your database on a dynamic CMS like Joomla. By reducing the size of each image you can drastically reduce the time that visitors and search engines can view your website. General rule of thumb is the faster you pages load, the less bounce rate you will have and the more favorable you will become to the major search engines.

The following article will show you more detailed information and resources for compressing your image and teach you a lot of the information that you may not be aware of that can reduce your image sizes.


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