Dreamhost.com To Disable Joomla Websites With Joomla 2.5 and Older

On October 28th DreamHost.com announced on their Twitter account that they will disable all Joomla websites that are using Joomla versions prior to 2.5.28.



The link in the tweet goes to their wiki documentation page for upgrading Joomla and contains the following notice at the top of the page.


As of Nov 3rd 2015, all Joomla sites older than version 2.5.28 will be permanently disabled by DreamHost due to security vulnerabilities. NO EXTENSIONS will be granted from this date. You must upgrade if you wish to continue using Joomla.


Announcements like this are a growing trend in the hosting industry to encourage (and force) their users to keep their CMS websites updated to the latest versions. The motivation for such enforcement is purely for security reasons. While I agree with the motivation, thousands of Dreamhost customers that use Joomla will now be left with only two options on November 3rd.

  1. Move their website to a hosting company that supports their version of Joomla.
  2. Pay to have their website migrated to Joomla 3.


Since the tweet mentions versions OLDER than 2.5.28 will be disabled it is vague to know if sites running Joomla version 2.5.28 will also be disabled. The Joomla project has made great efforts to improve notifications that updates are available however in order to see those notifications you have to actually log into the administrator of the website to know there is an update available.


Why do people not keep up with their Joomla version updates?

  • Thousands of websites are built by design agencies for their clients and the website agency never gives the client access or training on how to manage their own updates.
  • If the website is a simple brochure type of website where the content rarely changes then the website owner would rarely have to log into their website to see an update is available.
  • Most agencies never offer ongoing maintenance packages to their clients and educate them that future updates (and migrations) will be needed.


This method of simply showing update notifications in the admin screen is still flawed and I believe this could still be improved dramatically and here’s a couple of my own thoughts to improve the situation:


  • Automatic Core Updates - Adding an automatic update feature would solve most of the problems we are seeing with websites not being updated to the latest versions. Wordpress does this and I love getting the emails that my Wordpress websites have been automatically updated. Then all I have to do is test it to ensure it’s all good. It give me one less thing to worry about.
  • Email Notifications To Admins - Adding a simple email notification feature that sends an email to all Super User administrators of the website at 24 hour intervals until the site is updated would help.


Dreamhost.com is only one host that has followed this type of action. Other hosts have also done this in the past. And since Dreamhost is owned by one of the largest hosting conglomerate in the world that owns lots of other very large hosting companies we are expecting to also see more of this.


If you are hosting with DreamHost.com and you need some assistance with your getting your Joomla website upgraded to the latest version please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to assist you.




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