Email Templates - Event Registration Pro 4 Preview

Email Templates - Event Registration Pro 4 Preview

We are getting so close to releasing Event Registration Pro 4. We are working out a few known bugs and I am hoping we can give you a nice Christmas gift to unwrap if we do not run into any major issues. Keep your fingers crossed!

Today I wanted to show off our new email templates manager to you.


The email templates area in the administrator has been completely overhauled and is a 100% brand new way of managing your email templates. Some of our customers had asked for a more flexible email system and we have listened. We still have all the standard email types that we did before. However now you can create multiple versions of these email templates.

You can now can select some unique emails to use for each event. By default, the events will use the default email templates. But if you choose not to use the default one and create and select an alternative one.

For example, if you have a generic default template for your event reminders that all your events use. And then you create an event that needs a very unique reminder email or a unique registrant confirmation email, now you can create one and select it to be used by that event only. We have also created a new “Invoice” email type that will be sent upon the registration’s payment status being changed to “Completed” status.

Here's a quick video preview of this new feature.


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