By Mike Carson on Friday, 21 April 2017
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Event Registration 4.1 Released With New Features is pleased to announce the immediate release of Event Registration Pro 4.1.0. This release contains new features and bug fixes.

This new release includes 3 new features as well as a few enhancements and some bug fixes.

Here's the changelog:

4.1.0 changelog

New Features
1. Processing Fees -  You can now add a processing fee on top of your ticket options. This new field will add a percentage amount that you set of the total cart price. This for example would allow you to add a 3% processing fee to offset your payment gateway fees.
This new setting is in the General tab of the main component settings screen.

2. Transaction Fees - Similar to the Processing Fee field this allows you to add an amount you wish to charge per transaction that is made. Unlike the Processing Fee field that charges a percentage of the cart total, the Transaction Fee field is used for a flat amount that will get charged for every checkout.
This new setting is in the General tab of the main component settings screen.

3. Global Cart Discounts - Previously all discount codes applied the discount to each ticket in the cart. For example if you had a $50.00 discount and a ticket price was $100.00 and you added 3 tickets to the cart ($300.00), the discount would be applied to each ticket for a total discount of $150.00 ($50 x 3 = $150). Now you can set a configuration setting to only have your discount codes applied to the final cart total amount instead of each ticket. So now if you have 3 tickets added to the cart for a total of $300.00 and apply the $50 coupon code, the final amount would be $250.00.
This new setting is in the General tab of the main component settings screen.

1. Front end event creation area and forms have been updated and improved.
2. Updated checkout workflow for manually adding registrants via the admin side.

Bug Fixes
1. Fixed a negative tax issues when coupon code is entered.
2. RSS Feed showed an error when using PHP7 - fixed.
3. Fixed a bug where the reports were not generating if the event did not have a physical location.
4. Fixed a bug for coupon code usage not being registered to the reports.
5. Mini Calendar Module was updated (separate download). The tooltip when hovering over the date was not displaying events properly.
6. Upcoming Events module is updated with a brand new design and features (separate download). Now it has a calendar icon and you can select which categories to show events from which makes it much more flexible.

All users of Event Registration Pro are encouraged to upgrade to this version. Click here to subscribe or download the latest version.

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