By Mike Carson on Thursday, 25 May 2017
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Event Registration Pro 4.1.1 Released

We have just released Event Registration Pro Calendar version 4.1.1.

This release is primarily a bug fix release with one enhancement.

Here's the ull changelog. We encourage all users to update to this latest version for the most stable experience.

4.1.1 changelog

1. Now when you move a registrant from one event to another, the event select dropdown list will also include the start date next to the event name. This will help better identfy events when they have the same or similar names.

Bug Fixes
1. Fixed issue when selecting addon ticket items it would not recognize ticket selections properly if there were multiple ticket choices.
2. Fixed issue where if no image was available for an event & organizer, or if one was deleted, a broken image placeholder was shown in some browsers.
3. Fixed an issue where coupon codes used are not added to the database therfore the reports could not show which discount code was used.
4. Fixed a DateTime contructor error that showed up on the dashboard on some servers.

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