Event Registration Pro 4.1.10 & Event Slider Module Released


Joomlashowroom has released Event Registration Pro version 4.1.10 that addresses some bugs and also adds some new enhancements. This new version also comes with the release of our new Event Slider Module that allows you to display your events in a nice slider module. This new Event Slider module is included free for al subscribers of Event Registration Pro and can be downloaded from the downloads area in the modules folder of the Event Registration Pro category.

Before we get to the full changelog, lets review the new Event Slider Module for Event Registration Pro Calendar.

The front end in this example is a more clean and simple example of the module in use. However there are lots of settings to enabled even more features.

event slider frontend


The admin settings are abundant as you can see from the screenshot below. You can enable and disable all options to provide you with unlimited flexibility.

event slider admin settiings

Here is the full change log of all bug fixes and enhancements that were made in Event Registration Pro version 4.1.10. We encourage all subscribers to update to this latest version for the most stable event experience for your registrants.

4.1.10 changelog

New Features
1. We have added a new event slider midule. This new module displays your upcoming events in a horizontal scrolling display. This new module can be downloaded from the downloads section from the modules folder.

Bug Fixes
1. Solved a bug on some browsers that did not allow an early bird discount to be edited.
2. Form ID fields will no longer accept special characters to prevent database errors when checking out.
3. Fixed an issue with the tickets sold count that is displayed in the event manager list.
4. Fixed a bug where the Pending registrants were triggering confirmation emails to be sent when they shouldn't have been.
5. Fixed a bug with the Braintree payment plugin that was causing a 500 error. This updated version can be downloaded from the downloads section in the plugins folder.
6. Fixed an issue with reports not reporting accurate information when transaction fees and discounts were used for multiple registrations in a single checkout. Now all discount amounts for multiple registrations in one checkout will have discount amounts distributed equally between all registrants. This is the most accurate method of having the reports show the proper amounts paid per registrant.
7. Fixed an issue with dashboard statistics not showing accurate information.
Fixed an issue with conditional form fields when multiple forms were displayed the conditional fields conflicted with other forms.
8. Fixed an issue with conditional fields that if a field was set to be mandatory it would not be required if it is hidden based on the conditional form fields.

1. Updated the "Day" view to use the newly formatted event list view that looks much nicer. This view was previously using an old table layout that was never updated. Now when you click on a date in the mini calendar you will see the events for a specific date are in a much nicer format just like the event list view.
2. Removed the preview of the short description text for events in the event manager list. When the short description text was formatted with bad HTML (which lots of our users do) it caused the event manager list to have miss aligned columns and sometimes break the event manager list entirely.


To get a new subscription go here

To renew an existing subscription log into our website and go to your subscriptions dashboard here and click the "RENEW" button.

Existing subscribers can go to the downloads area here and get the latest update.

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