Event Registration Pro 4.1.6 Released


JoomlaShowroom.com is happy to announce the immediate release of Event Registration Pro version 4.1.6.

This new version includes a few enhancements and improvements. One new feature has been added for displaying an optional notification for an event that the registration options are disabled. In a similar way there is a new enhancement that also displays a notice that no tickets are available if all tickets are sold out or have expired their publishing dates. These notification messages should be a welcome enhancement for your webite visitors to better understand the status of your event registrations when they are not available and cut down on confusion.

And of course if you would like to change our default messages to your own you can do that using a Joomla language override from within the Joomla language manager.

We have also taken care of 9 bug fixes in this release. We encourage all users of Event Registration Pro to update to this latest version 4.1.6 for the most stable and reliable version.

Here is the full changelog.

4.1.6 changelog

New Features
1. Added a new setting that displays a message on the event details page if registration for the event is disabled.

1. Added a Frontend notification if not tickets are no longer available (RE: sold out or expired). This message will show only when all tickets for the event are no longer available.
2. Enhanced the mobile responsiveness of the checkout pages.

Bug Fixes
1. Fixed an issue where expired tickets were not showing a notifications that there was an expiration.
2. Fixed a discount code calculation issue.
3. Fixed a bug related to the event registration amount
4. Fixed an issue with discounts not displaying correctly in the event reports.
5. Fixed an issue with reports not displaying all information submitted in the registration forms.
6. Fixed an issue with Excel reports not showing data properly.
7. Fixed an issue with email templates not showing all form data that was submitted.
8. Fixed an issue on the event report for file upload hyperlinks that were not working.
9. Fixed an issue with event tickets not expiring on the expiration dates.

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