By Mike Carson on Monday, 04 December 2017
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Event Registration Pro 4.1.7 Released

Event Registration Pro 4.1.7 has been released. This release addresses many bug fixes found in the previous release.

All users of Event Registration Pro are encouraged to udate to this release.

4.1.7 changelog

Bug Fixes
1. Fixed a bug that affected the applying of discounts to the entire cart.
2. Fixed a bug where the "No tickets available message" was showing even if registration was disabled for an event.
3. Event Maps Module was updated to version 4.0.1 to include a bug fix for maps not displaying for some sites with secure URLs.
4. Fixed a calculation issue for transaction fees for wrong decimal place.
5. Solved an issue that displayed wrong location on the reports.
6. Solved issue when registering multiple registrants at once and using a coupon code, the discount was not applied properly in the reports.

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