Event Registration Pro 4.1.9 Released


In our continuing effort to bring you the best Joomla Event Registration software, we are happy to announce the release of Event Registration Pro version 4.1.9.

This version includes some new enhancements as well as bug fixes.

Here is the changelog for version 4.1.9.

4.1.9 changelog

Bug Fixes
1. Solved "repeated Mail content when multiple registrations for an single event" issue in Admin,Organizer and Registrant mails.
2. Fixed a bug related to the "All Categories" header button not keeping the proper view when changing the setting for the "All Events" button in the main settings.

1. Added another filter for the event Manager list in the admin side. Now you can filter events by All Events, Upcoming Events, Past Events, and In Progress events.
2. Added text editor to the session description field so now HTML content can be used instead of plain text.
3. When adding sessions the new records go to the bottom of the list instead of the top of the list which will require less reordering of sessions in the list.

As always, we encourage all customers to update your installations to have the most stable event management experience possible.

This new version 4.1.9 can be downloaded from your account in the downloads area.

Happy Eventing!



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