Event Registration Pro 4 Beta 1 Is Here

Event Registration Pro 4 Beta 1 Is Here

Merry Christmas from Joomla Showroom! It's Christmas Eve and we have a shiny new gift for you today.

JoomlaShowroom.com proudly announces the long anticipated arrival of Event Registration Pro 4 Beta 1. Our designers and developers have been extremely busy over the past few months working hard to bring you this long awaited, fresh new version of the Best Joomla Event Registration and Management System. This new version of Event Registration Pro includes a major rewrite of the code, both backend and front end views, and we have added tons of new features. Oh yeah, and we fixed a few small bugs along the way.

If you have been following along with our preview blog posts you’ll know that we have been very hard at work to make Event Registration Pro 4 the best open source event registration software for Joomla!

This is an initial beta release so it is not recommended to be used on production sites, however it has been tested quite a bit and should be pretty stable but we cannot guarantee it is bug free. But since we stand behind our code that shouldn’t be a problem. So if you experience any issues let us know and we’ll jump right in and get them fixed asap.

  • Existing subscribers to Event Registration Pro can access the BETA version for testing from the downloads area at the following URL: https://www.joomlashowroom.com/my/downloads  
  • Those wanting to get a new yearly subscription can use the following coupon code for a 50% discount: christmas2016 (valid through December 31, 2016 for the yearly subscription)

Are you ready to read our biggest changelog ever? Then let’s get into the really cool features we’ve added and check out all these amazing updates you’ve been so eagerly awaiting.

Bootstrap 3 Updates - Event Registration Pro has supported Bootstrap v2 for many years but we felt it was time to get the CSS framework updated and fully integrated with Bootstrap 3. So now all the front end views are even more responsive, no more old table layouts, and a much faster css code base.

Font Awesome Integration - Event Registration Pro now comes with Font Awesome fully integrated so if your Joomla template does not support Font Awesome, no problem, we have you covered.

Multilingual Support - Now events and categories can be assigned to languages which means those items will only be displayed when those specific languages are selected.

General Code Cleanup - Since Reg Pro first started out as a Joomla 1.x extension, it has undergone many major version upgrades of Joomla. So the code for some of the areas was a bit neglected over time. We have gone through most of the code of the component and organized it, properly commented it, and rewritten a lot of it.

Documentation Updates - We have updated our documentation to reflect this new version and it’s features. We have also created a series of getting started videos to make it easy for our users to get going quickly.

PHP 7 Compatibility - All deprecated classes have been updated for full PHP 7 compatibility. We will no longer support PHP 5.4 or lower. All PHP classes will work with PHP 5.5+ which is our new minimum PHP version requirement.

Administrator View Changes

Dashboard Overhaul - The Dashboard of Event Registration Pro has received an upgrade. We have consolidated some of the previous information that was displayed in tables and moved it to the colored blocks. We have also expanded the information displayed in the tables below these blocks to better view what is happening with your events. The dashboard is much more responsive and mobile friendly than it was before.

  1. Dashboard elements rearranged and redesigned to be more intuitive.
  2. Dashboard chart is now responsive.
  3. Dashboard chart now correctly calculates the discounted ticket amount paid instead of the full price.
  4. Last 10 Transactions table has been updated with new columns and data.
  5. Next 10 Upcoming Events table has been updated with new columns and data and links.

Main Settings - Since we have a lot of new features we also added a lot of new settings in the main component configurations. If you are updating from a prior version, you’ll definitely want to go through all your settings to make sure you’re taking advantage of all these new features. We updated a lot of small things like more updated color pickers, date and time selectors, etc. We’ll explain more about the settings in each feature mentioned below.

Email Templates - The email templates area in the administrator has been completely overhauled and is a 100% brand new way of managing your email templates. Some of our customers had asked for a more flexible email system and we have listened. We still have all the standard email types that we did before. However now you can create multiple versions of these email templates. And then you can select which emails to use for each event. By default, the events will use the default email templates. But if you choose not to use the default one and select an alternative one.
For example, if you have a generic default template for your event reminders that all your events use. And then you create an event that needs a very unique reminder email or a unique registrant confirmation email, now you can create one and select it to be used by that event. We have also created a new “Invoice” email type that will be sent upon the registration’s payment status being changed to “Completed” status.

Category Updates - Categories can now have descriptions shown on the front end and also a category image. Keep reading for more information on the new category views we have added for the front end.

  1. Category images can be used,,,, or not.
  2. Category descriptions now show up on the front end.

Registration Forms - The old ugly tooltip info icons on the front end of the form are gone and replaced with Font Awesome icons. The old ugly arrow icon that was the field group separator is now gone. We have also added a new field for adding “Free text” which allows you to simply enter any text you want shown on the front end above, below, or between the form fields.

Location Manager - We have added some new form fields for the locations/venues to now display more information on the front end like phone number, and better Google Maps API integrations.

  1. Venue phone number field has been added.
  2. Google maps preview has been added.

Event Organizers - There is a new admin view for adding event organizer information. These organizers can be selected when creating an event and this information will be displayed in the new sidebar on the event details page. You can use this to display the company information that is hosting the event or use it for displaying information about the presenter, speaker, trainer of the event.

Event Manager - We added some small enhancements to the event list in the admin such as the ability to filter events by category. We also updated some icons and the search bar so things are more intuitive and work better. Some other subtle changes to the user interface we made to make the page easier on the eyes and have a more modern feel.

Event Edit Screen - Users of previous version will notice a more pleasant event creation experience in version 4. We have reorganized many of the form fields and moved them into the tabs that make more sense. We have also removed some settings from this screen and some settings are not in the main configurations area and some were completely removed if they didn’t make sense anymore or if the feature was removed. Now there are better date and time selectors, terms and conditions field was moved to the main settings area and is now a global field, and new fields added for new features.

Front End View Changes

The front end views is where the majority of the changes were made. If you are an existing user of Event Registration Pro and you have template overrides being used then you will need to delete those so you do not have any conflicts or break anything with the new views.

Some things to note about the front end views that are important with Event Registration Pro 4 is that we have removed some views, renamed others, and have added some new views for you. We did this to optimize screen space, make the views much more mobile friendly, and to offer your website visitors a much better experience while browsing your events.

Two changes to be noted are that the previous versions of Event Registration Pro had 2 list views in the front end. They were named “Default” and “Clean List”. The original “Default” list view contained tables of columns and collapsible categories. This “Default” view has been removed. The “Clean List” view is now simply the “List” view and is the new default way of presenting your list of events. Those that liked the collapsing category view need not worry, because we have a brand new accordion category view that will take it’s place.

Calendar View
The calendar view has been completely rebuilt and the new calendar layout is using a much better looking Bootstrap 3 style calendar. It is a much cleaner way of viewing your Joomla events calendar and it also now includes a weekly, daily, and list views as well as the default monthly calendar view. We have also updated the look of the event hover tooltip window. The new calendar also loads much faster than the old calendar which will make your visitor’s user experience much better.

List View
This is the primary list of events view that you would normally use. It has been reworked to have a more clean layout. Your event thumbnails can be sized per the settings in the configuration to have a much more consistent look than before. All the data has been redesigned to look nicer and have a much more crisp look.

Featured Events
Now you can mark an event as a featured event and the featured events will be displayed at the top of the event lists with a colored background of your choice from the main settings.

Accordion Category View
This new view replaces the old default list view that we mentioned above that was removed. This new view displays a list of your event categories in a stacked and collapsed format that allows your visitors to easily view your upcoming events when expanding the categories.

Featured Events
We have also added the ability to mark an event as “Featured” and those events will have a background color of your choice and be displayed at the very top of the list views.

Categories View
This new view displays all your event categories in a very nice looking grid style. You can set how many categories each row should contain. The category’s image, description, and amount of events within each category are also shown.

Category View
This new view displays all events within a specific category.

Cart / Checkout
The cart and checkout pages have been improved to look nicer and be a bit more intuitive and compacted to also be more responsive on mobile devices.

Event Details Page

The event details pages have received a complete redesign and a lot of new and exciting features. We will outline below every detailed change that we have made to the event details page. All changes to this view have been done with mobile users in mind and the page has many improvements for mobile users.

Event Rich Snippets - Event Registration Pro now supports rich snippets (structured data) for your events. This is a great SEO improvement that increases the visibility of your events to search engines. When event information is marked up in the body of a web page, Google can identify it and may make that information available can be used on search result pages and other Google properties. Information such as an event title, date, and venue can help users decide which pages to click on in search results.

  • Added Event Rich Snippet for type = event.
  • Added Event Rich Snippet for event name.
  • Added Event Rich Snippet for event image.
  • Added Event Rich Snippet for event description.
  • Added Event Rich Snippet for event location.
  • Added Event Rich Snippet for event sponsor (organizer).

Event Title Changes - We have made the event titles use an H1 tag for better search engine results and we also removed the additional text that was previously appended to the title (RE: - details)

  • Removed the text (- Details) that was appended to the event title.

Event Header Image - Each event can have an event header image. This image is like a big banner for your event that is displayed at the top of the event page. If no image is selected then this area will collapse.

  • Added new feature to upload an event banner that is shown on the event details page.

Short Description - We have decided to display the event short description at the top of the event details page in order to get more SEO value for your events and to give your visitors a quick description of the event right away.

  • Short description is now also shown on the event details page.

Date / Time / Category - The date, time, and category is now listed in a much nicer way and is now located just under the short description. The category now has a hyperlink that will take you to a list of all events within that category.
Time, date, and category has been moved and displayed nicer on the event details page.

Event Countdown Timer - There is now a nice looking event countdown timer that is optionally displayed on the event details pages. Admins can adjust the colors of the timer in the configuration settings to match the overall color scheme of the website. This new countdown feature should create a sense of urgency for your visitors to sign up for your events. This feature can also be disabled globally and completely turned off if not needed.

  • Added a new event countdown timer feature to the event details page.

Early Bird & Quantity Discounts - The display of the discounts was overhauled and now displays each discount type in a much easier to understand way than before. The language terminology has been structured so it makes more sense to your website visitors to understand how the discounts work and to promote them to take action and register for your events.

  • Redesigned the way the multiple purchase and early bird discounts are displayed and more intuitive wording.

Tickets and Registration Options - The ticket selection area has been redesigned to be more intuitive and moved from the bottom of the page to a higher position of the page to promote more ticket sales. The “add to cart” checkboxes have been removed so now you only need to select a quantity. The columns have been reorganized to be more intuitive. We have also added the ability to assign a ticket to specific Joomla User Groups. This means that if a ticket is assigned to registered users then the ticket will be shown on the front end with a link to login to the site before allowing the user to select that ticketing option.

  • Removed the add to cart checkbox for ticket selection. Now registrants just need to select the QTY of tickets to add them to the cart.
  • Redesigned the way tickets are displayed and moved the tickets area higher on the page.

Event Description - The event description has been  moved underneath the ticket selection area because we have found that a lot of people that have very long descriptions will push the ticketing options too far down on the page. Rearranging the description below the ticketing options should help with more conversions.

  • The event description has been moved below the ticket choices.

Location Map - We have added a Google Map to the event details page showing the location of the event venue.

  • New location map has been added to the bottom of the event details page.

Comment Engine Integrations - We have added the ability for your event attendees to leave comments on your event details pages. We have integrated three popular commenting engines to promote social comments. You can choose between Facebook, Disqus, and IntenseDebate comments.

  • New comments feature has been added to the event details page that supports Intense Debate, Facebook, and Disqus comments platforms.

Event Details Sidebar - There is now a new collapsible sidebar containing more event information such as Event Capacities, Location Details, Organizer Details, and Social Sharing buttons. The old social sharing plugin is no longer needed and is now built into the core of Event Registration Pro and includes more sharing options.

  • Event organizer information can be displayed with additional contact information and an image.
  • New collapsible sidebar has been added.
  • New organizer details area has been added to the sidebar area.
  • Moved various buttons and event information to the new sidebar on the event details page.
  • Added a new social sharing feature to the sidebar on the event details page.


We hope you like all these new features and enhancements. Please let us know if you run into any issues while testing and we'll be happy to assist.

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