Event Registration Pro Calendar For Wordpress Is Here!


Joomla Showroom is happy to announce the release of Event Registration Pro Calendar for Wordpress.

In case you missed our newsletter announcements, we are hapy to let you know that after many months of development, the release of our new Wordpress plugin version of Event Registration Pro Calendar is now available for download.

The landscape for really nice Wordpress event registration plugins were very limited and we are proud to now offer Wordpress users a better event calendar and event registration plugin. Ulike our all-in-one Joomla version, the Wordpress version is much more modular. The core plugin is free for all to use and supports free events at no cost. Add-Ons can be used to extend the features to offer lots of additional functionality for a very robust event management experience. This is a much more flexible model that allows more people to use Event Registration Pro Calendar for WordPress.

Event Registration Pro Calendar for Wordpress offers more features for free than most other Wordpress event calendar and Wordpress event registration plugins that charge a fee. We are confident that you will love the features we have included for free and we are developing more Add-Ons all the time to give you even more valuable features.

We have a dedicated website for Event Registration Pro Calendar for Wordpress at the following URL https://www.eventregistrationpro.com.

Happy Eventing!



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