Event Registration Pro version 4.1.12 Released


We are happy to announce another release of Event Registration Pro version 4.1.12 that addresses many bugs and includes an enhancement.


Here is our full changelog.

4.1.12 changelog

1. On the final checkout page we made the continue button inactive after it is clicked so it can only be clicked once in order to prevent people with slow connections from clicking it multiple times and causing multiple duplicate registrations.

Bug Fixes
1. Fixed registration form required field issue for conditional fields.
2. Fixed additional tickets discount issue.
3. Fixed incorrect amount sent to Paypal issue.
4. Fixed incorrect amount paid column in the back-end registrant list.
5. Fixed All report issues (Event and Excel) for incorrect amounts paid.
6. Fixed statistics reports like Print and Excel reports from back-end for selected date range.
7. Fixed {url} issue for email template when we resend confirmation from back-end.
8. Fixed ticket sold count issue at back-end for addional items.
9. Fixed Invoice PDF language string issue for "Invoice Number".
10. Fixed a search filter issue of event list page at back-end.
11. Fixed "pending registration email link" that was not working properly.

Existing subscribers with an active subscription can download the update packge from the downloads area. All user of Event Registration Pro are encouraged to update to this latest stable version.


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