Joomla Day Chicago 2012 A HUGE Success

Joomla Day Chicago 2012 A HUGE Success

We wanted to share a nice overview of Joomla Day Chicago that happened August 10th - 11th, 2012. for those that were not able to attend this wonderful event.



First of all I am honored to be one of the co-organizers of this event along with Phil Dekoker. This was our second year organizing this event and with only 2 1/2 months of planning we were happy to have more people attend the 2012 event than in 2011. This year hosted more speakers and more sessions than any other Joomla Day event in the United States. There were 32 speakers across 30 sessions over 2 days. This event also had more sponships than any other Joomla day event in the USA which shows just how great this event really is.

On the first day Grace Francisco opened with a killer keynote about how Microsoft is supporting open source software in their own business models. It was a real eye opener to most attendees that did not know how much a Fortune 50 company like Microsoft is supporting open source software and development.

There were a series of sessions and case studies afterwards that continued throughout the day that were more business focussed. There were lots of sponsor tables in the hallway for people to visit between sessions and there was enough time to get those tough questions answered between sessions.

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Friday evening there was an awesome banquet dinner with Electric Blue Entertainment performing as The Blues Brothers for everyone's enjoyment. Of course there was tons of great food and the beer was flowing for two nights straight.

On Saturday we kicked off straight into the sessions for the morning due to a logistics problem with the hotel but it really got everyone focussing on the speaker's sessions.

OSM President Paul Orwig kicked off the lunchtime keynote with a very witty spinoff from Grace Francisco's keynote the day before. Then the inevitable happened! Mr. Brian Teeman gets ready for his keynote an he was a bit "uncomfortable" so he decided to get more relaxed by taking off his jacket and pants and presented in his joomla jacked and pajama bottoms. You seriously had to be there. it was hilarious.

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The rest of the day wound down into another round of afternoon sessions before wrapping up at 5pm.
All in all this conference was a resounding success and we can't wait to get Joomla Day Chicago 2013 scheduled as early as possible.

I really cannot say how awesome the speakers and sponsors were in supporting this event. REALLY! THEY ARE AWESOME! ALL OF THEM!




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