Multiple subscription packages are back by popular demand

Multiple subscription packages are back by popular demand

Since the launch of our new website we have only had one single subscription option for a 12 month subscription for Event Registration Pro Calendar.

So many of our customers have asked if we would consider bringing back the lower cost 6 month subscription option and we have taken your suggestions to heart.


We are very please to announce that we have listened to so many of you that requested this. We have even taken it one step further and are now offfering not only 12 and 6 month subscriptions but we have also added an even lower cost 2 month subscription package for Event Registration Pro Calendar.



So now that we have so many pricing options we can easily say that Event Registration Pro Calendar is now more accessible to anyone that needs it.


Also for the conveinience of our subscribers, we have added an easy recurring payment system so your subscriptions can get automatically renewed at a 25% discounted rate and this allows our customers to continue to download updates and never have to worry about their subscriptions being inactive. This option can also be cancelled at any time.


We hope these new changes offer our customers a very flexible solution for maintaining the Event Registration Pro Calendar software.

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