New JoomlaShowroom.com Website and Product Updates

New JoomlaShowroom.com Website and Product Updates

JoomlaShowroom.com just got a facelift and we are excited to highlight some of the site's new features for our valued members. There have been many updates to JoomlaShowroom.com and we will explain these updates and changes in detail in this blog post. Later in this post you will also find changes with our product line.

Our redesign of the site focussed primarily on the user experience. Many of our members have expressed their frustration about how hard it was to navigate the old website to find what they needed. We have listened to you and this new version of the website is a direct result of your feedback.

As a secondary focus we have made lots of updates on how our product pages are laid out and the information that is displayed. We'll get to that later in this post. Let's get to the member focussed features first.

Member Experience

Our members will immediately see a new set of navigation icons after logging into JoomlaShowroom.com. These new navigation icons will allow you to immediately know exactly where to go to find what you're looking for. Now you can easily navigate to your downloads, documentation, support, and profile areas without the need to search through menu items on the site. The member dashboard icons will be prominently displayed on most pages of the site so that all major areas of the membership features are just one click away.

Here is a screenshot of the new icon navigation that you will see once logged into the website.

user dashboard icons


New Downloads Area

We have updated our downloads management software to a much nicer software that is easier to use and looks much nicer.

Better Documentation Is Coming

We will be working hard over the next few weeks to provide better documentation. We have also added a new section of the site for Video Tutorials and as we get new videos created we will have them posted in this area. And if you need us to create a "How to" video for you we'll be happy to do it and post it in this new section of the website.

Easier Support Access

Support ticket access and creation is much easier than before and we will be continuing to improve this area for our members over the next few weeks.

Updated Product Pages

We have custom built a component that allows us to display our product information quickly and easily and present information about our products in a much better way than our previous website. We call this new component Extension Showcase and it is now available for purchase for extension and template developers to use for their own products.

The product pages now include slideshows of product screenshots, better descriptions, clear Joomla version compatibility, membership type required, changelog info, and links to documentation areas.

Discontinued Products

We are discontinuing all development, support, and download of all products and versions of our extensions that were available for Joomla 2.5. Let's face it, Joomla 2.5 end of life was December 31, 2014. It's time to get your sites updated to Joomla 3 if you're still on Joomla 2.5. If you need assistance migrating to Joomla 3 feel free to contact us.

So moving forward we are only supporting Joomla 3.x and all of the following products are no longer available for download.

  • Event Registration Pro for Joomla 2.5
  • Joomlearn LMS
  • SiteLock for Joomla 2.5
  • Conversion Splash Plugin
  • All graphics products

We feel that this will allow us to focus more on our new developments without being bogged down with supporting super old and buggy versions of Joomla.

Change In Paid Memberships

JoomlaShowroom has eliminated the previous club membership models. The Standard Plan option that did not include support (but much cheaper) was confusing and frustrating to our members that selected that option. So we have completely removed it. Members of that plan will still have download access to Event Registration Pro for the remainder of your subscription. After that expires you will need to sign up for the new plans in order to get access in the future. We are now only offering plans that include support. We feel this is better for everyone.
So moving forward each of our commercial products will have their own individual membership plans available on their product pages.

As always if you have any questions regarding any of these new changes please feel free to contact us.

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