Top 10 Joomla Administrator Tools

Top 10 Joomla Administrator Tools

We have put together a list of the Top 10 Joomla administrator tools that we believe will make your Joomla development life much easier. We use these tools in our own development of Joomla websites for our clients and we thought you would find these tools useful to have in your own Joomla development arsenal.


So here’s a list of the Top 10 Joomla Administrator Tools that will definitely speed up your Joomla website  development and management.


  1. Add to menu - nonumber.nl

Are you sick of creating Joomla articles and then going to the menu manager to create a menu item to your article? This awesome plugin will provide you a quick way to add a menu item to the article directly from the article itself that you just created.
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  1. Switch Editor - anything-digital.com

This is a handy little plugin that allows you to switch to a different editor really quickly without having to go to the global configurations page. If you have ever had a Joomla article that you need to edit in source code only mode you can easily switch your editor to “No Editor” with this tool really fast before you open your articles or custom html modules.
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  1. OScontent - alledia.com

This is a fork of the abandoned Mass Content component. We’ve been using this component for years to load multiple categories, articles, and menu items into Joomla in one easy step.
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  1. JCE Editor - joomlacontenteditor.com

This is by far the best 3rd party editor available for Joomla and is a must have Joomla extension. JCE is an extendable editor that allows you to also add additional editor plugins to enhance your content editing requirements. JCE has tons of configuration options as well but equally works great as a standard installation.
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  1. Admin Tools Pro - Akeebabackup.com

Admin tools is an all in one suit of tools that allow you to keep your Joomla website running like a top. With built in tools like a security firewall, database management and optimization, temp directory cleaning, and more. This is a tool that we install on every website we build. There is also a free version but we prefer the Pro edition for the additional tools it provides.
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  1. Akeeba Backup Pro - Akeebabackup.com

This is perhaps the single most important tool that we use on our Joomla websites. Backups are the most critical thing to have for your disaster recovery plan. Akeeba Backup Pro will allow you to do scheduled backups, site transfer, restore points, and allows you to select if you want to skip files or database tables from being included in your backups.
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  1. CMS Updater -  Akeebabackup.com

We know, Joomla has a built in one click updates component.  But this extension is so much better. You can re-update the joomla core files if you need to, and it will automatically email you when an update is available allowing you to be a bit more hands off on always checking for updates.
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  1. EXTplorer - extplorer.net

There are lots of file managers available for Joomla, and we have found this one to be the best. It allows you to create, delete, and edit directories and files. Have you ever needed a fast way to edit a line of source code in a file? This file manager has a built in code editor that allows you to do it. You can upload multiple files to any directory you need to really fast without the need for connecting to your server with your FTP program.
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  1. SH404SEF - anything-digital.com

This component allows you to easily manage your search engine friendly URLs and redirects. SH404SEF has been around for years and the developer keeps it updated regularly. It is supported well and has a very mature code base and is packed full of features.
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  1. Art Adminer - artetics.com

This component puts your database at your fingertips directly in the Joomla administrator. If you have ever needed to make some really quick updates directly to your database this is the tool to use.
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