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To add a new event simply click on the "New" button in the event manager screen.

This will take you to the event creation screen where you will plug in all the details about the event.


Event Details

Event Details

Here you will add all the basic details of your event.

  1. Every event will require a date and time. Note: There is not any feature for adding evnets with no date or time.
  2. An event can have an image that will be shown on the event list as well as the event details page. This is an optional field and if no image is selected then nothing will be shown on the front end.
  3. The max attendance field is where you will set a global limit on how many total registrants can attend your event.
  4. The short description will show up in the front end where all of your events are listed in the event lists.
  5. The long description is shown on the event details page for that event so you can give a much more detailed description here.
  6. The Terms and Conditions text will show up on the front end and will have to be accepted before someone can register for your event. This is a great place for you to add your refund and cancellation policies.




    Event Access

The access tab is where you will define who can access your event details as well as register for your event.

  1. Registration Access: You can select if you want to alow the public to register for an event or if they must be logged into the site with a specific user access level in order to be able to register for your event. This is great if you want to have specific events only available for specific Joomla user groups.
  2. View Access: This setting is for allowing who can actually "view" the event on the website. You can select the Joomla user groups that are allowed to see the event on the front end of your website.
  3. Publish: This will simply publish or unpublish the event from the website.
  4. Show Attendees List: This setting will show a link in the event details page that will open a popup window that shows a list of First and last names of the people that have registered to the event.
  5. Allow group registration: By default when someone registers for an event and they select multiple quantities of an event ticket, the event registration form will be duplicated the same amount of times. The group registration feature will enable a checkbox during registration that, if checked, will only show a single registration form for each ticket added to the cart no matter how many quantaties of each ticket were selected.
  6. Force group registration: Making this selection to "Yes" will force the above feature and the registrant will not have any choice to enable/disable this feature during the registration process.
  7. Location: Select the location/venue of your event.
  8. Category: Assign your event to an event category.



Registration Tab

  1. Enable registration: Enable Registrations lets you allow registrations. If this setting is disabled then your events will be displayed only and people will not be shown any registration options.
  2. Notify emails: The Notify Emails field will allow you to enter multiple email addresses that you wish to be notified when someone registers for this particular event. So if you need someone special to be notified when someone registers for this event only then you would enter their email addresses here. Email addresses should be separated by a comma.
  3. Notify Registered users before: Remind your registered users of your event on a certain number of days prior to your event start date. This will automatically send out an email reminding your registrants about your event.
  4. Select registration form: Select the custom registration form that you had created earlier that this event will use to collect data from your registrants.
  5. Event Registration starts/end dates and start/end times: Choose the dates and times that your registrations will start and end on. Keep in mind this is based off your physical server location time zone and adjusted by your global configuration time zone settings offset.
  6. Create Joomla user Account: If this setting is set to "yes" then a Joomla user account will be created at the same time a person registers for an event. If an email account already exists and matches the email entered into the event registration form then no new account will be created since a Joomla user account already exists.




Repeating Tab

Event Registration Pro has a robust reocurring events feature that will allow your events to be set to repeat on various dates of your choice.

  1. Recurrence: You can select to have your events repeat daily, weekly, monthly, weekday (RE: every Sunday), or on a specific set of multiple custom selected dates.
  2. Repeat Every: Depending on your choice above you will be shown specific options related to the type of reocurrance.
  3. By the end of: This field is where you can set the ending period of the reocurrance for the event series.




Meta Data


Meta Data Tab


Creating Event Tickets

Here you will set up how much you will charge for your event. If event is a free event, then there is not any need to even create any tickets.

To set up a cost, fill in the name of your event ticket and then type in the amount you will charge, and then a description.

If your organization needs to charge tax for a certain ticket item you can enter the tax percentage here.

The QTY field will allow only a certain amount of these tickets to be sold. So in this example there will only be 20 tickets available for this ticket choice. So if someone chose to register 10 people using this ticket choice, then when someone else goes to select this ticket, it will show a remaining 10 tickets available to the next person. Once all the available qty have been purchased for this ticket, it will be removed from the available ticket choices in the front end.

After completing the fields, Click the “add” link just below the description box

You can go back and remove a ticket entirely or simply edit each ticket if needed to change a description or price. You can also sort the order of each ticket if your event has multiple ticket choices.


You can have multiple payment amounts to choose for one event. For instance, you can have an all day conference and list different payment options as in the example below:

(Crude example but I think you get the point)

Conference Registration (Members Only): $100.00

Conference Registration (Non-Members): $120.00

Your registrants can choose which options and the quantity of people that they want to register for the event.

All event ticket choices will create a registration form for each number of choices your registrant selects.


Products Tab




Group Discounts

Group Discounts Tab




Early Bird

Early Bird Discounts Tab





Sessions Tab




Cron Job Starts