Configuring Payment Plugins

From the Registration Pro dashboard panel click on the "Payment Plugins" menu item

The following screen will appear and will show a list of installed payment plugins for Event Registration Pro.

The Offline payment plugin that is packaged with Event Registration Pro is installed automatically with the component. Additional payment plugins are available in the downloads area and should be installed separately from the main component.

When upgrading to a new version of Event Registration Pro, any installed plugins will need to be updated individually.



To install a new payment gateway plugin;

1.   Payment gateway plugins install as standard Joomla plugin extension using the Joomla extension installer.

2.   Click on the NEW button and select the payment gateway plugin you wish to install.

3.   Then upload and install the plugin as you would any other Joomla extension.

4.   Your payment plugin will not be published automatically. You will need to publish your payment plugin before you decide to use it live for transactions.


  1. To configure your payment plugin, go to the payment plugin manager from the Registration Pro control panel and click on the name of the plugin to open it. You can then enter your data that the plugin will need for payment processing. If you do not enter any data into your payment plugin it will not show up in the front end as a payment choice even though you have it published. You must have the payment processing data entered into the plugin as well as being published in order for the payment plugin to become active. You can also change the label of your payment gateway plugin and this label name is what shows up to your registrants in the front end when selecting a payment choice.
  2. You can change the name of the plugin title and this is the title that is shown on the front end when registrants select their preferred payment method.


Additional Payment Gateways

Event Registration Pro has the ability to add multiple payment options for your registrants to choose from.

A standard install of Event Registration Pro, the main component installer includes 1 payment plugin, an offline Payment Plugin that will allow you to accept the registrations and have the registrant mail in their payments. We have additional payment plugins available for download in the downloads area of Event Registration Pro that you can install separately as needed.

If you need a specific payment plugin that we do not have then please feel free to contact us and we can develop one for you.

Please Note: Joomla Showroom is not affiliated with nor endorse 3rd party developers that create payment plugins for Event Registration Pro. Joomla Showroom does not offer support for the 3rd party gateways that other companies are selling. Joomla Showroom cannot guarantee that a third party developer's payment plugin will work or are kept up to date or maintained properly.



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Demo Access Request

Fill out the form and we will email you access to the demo website where you can experience our extensions.