Creating Events

To add a new event simply click on the "New" button in the event manager screen.

This will take you to the event creation screen where you will plug in all the details about the event.


Event Details

Event Details

Here you will add all the basic details of your event.

  1. Every event will require a date and time. Note: There is not any feature for adding evnets with no date or time.
  2. An event can have an image that will be shown on the event list as well as the event details page. This is an optional field and if no image is selected then nothing will be shown on the front end.
  3. The max attendance field is where you will set a global limit on how many total registrants can attend your event.
  4. The short description will show up in the front end where all of your events are listed in the event lists.
  5. The long description is shown on the event details page for that event so you can give a much more detailed description here.
  6. The Terms and Conditions text will show up on the front end and will have to be accepted before someone can register for your event. This is a great place for you to add your refund and cancellation policies.



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