Optional Form Field Integrations

This feature will allow your logged in users to have their event registration form fields pre-populated with information from their user profiles and automatically fill out certain registration form fields making the event registration process quicker.

If you have Community Builder, JomSocial, or the Joomla Extended Profiles Plugin being used on your site and have enabled the integration setting in the configuration page then you can "connect" registration form fields to make some things easy for your registered users to register for your events.

NOTE: This is optional and not required if you do not need these integrations.

Joomla Extended Profiles

Joomla Extended Profiles Integration

Event Registration Pro can integrate with the Joomla Extended Profiles so that logged in Joomla usersdo not have to fill out redundant information when registering for an event. This is great for things like their name, email, address, etc that is already entered into their Joomla user profile when they registered on the website.

Here are the steps to get this integration set up.

  1. Go to the plugin manager of your Joomla administration and search for a plugin named "User - Profile" and publish it. Open it and set up the fields that you wish to have filled out when they register.
  2. Now go back to the Event Registration Pro component and open the Configuration page and in the User Database Options tab select "Core Joomla Profiles" from the dropdown field. Then save and close the configuration.
    user database integration
  3. Now go to the event registration form manager and open the form you wish to integrate the profile fields with.
  4. On the right side of the screen you will see the form fields for your event registration form. Under those fields you will see a link called "Joomla Profile Fields". If you click on that title you will see the Joomla Profile Fields expand and you will see all the fields that are available for integration as in the image below. 
  5. After you have reviewed the available profile fields, you will need to map the fields. In other words you will tie them together. So in in this example we will "map" the Address 1 field. In your event registration form simply create a new form field or edit an existing one and make sure the Field Identification is name EXACTLY the same as the field you are wanting to integrate.fieldmapping
  6. Once you have your form field identification names properly named, it is time to simply add the profile fields to your form. To do this simply click on the red X to publish the profile form field as in the image below.
  7. One last thing to note about these integrations. If you have public event registrations, meaning the registrant does not need to log into the site to register for an event, you can have the profile fields only avaiable to logged in users and not the public. To do this just add the profile fields to Reg Pro and skip step #5 altogether. This will then only show the field for logged in users and not the public.



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