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The Event Registration Pro Dashboard Panel is where you will navigate to every part of the Event Registration Pro software and view some statistics of your application.

A description of the Dashboard menu is listed below.

Event Registration Pro Dashboard

Below is an overview of the left menu which can also be collapsed to expand to a larger screen.

  1. Configuration - This is where you will start configuration of the Event Registration Pro software. All default configuration settings are done from this page.

    1. Main Settings -This page has tabs for all the main settings of the component.

    2. Email Templates - This page holds all of the default email templates.

  2. Events - This menu will expand to the followign 4 pages to manage your events.

    1. Events Manager - The event manager is where you will set up new events and manage your event data and registrants.

    2. Event Categories - This page will allow you to set up all of your event categories to organize your events.

    3. Registration Forms - This page will allow you to manage and create your custom event registration forms.

    4. Location Manager - This page is where all the event locations are managed from.Archive Manager - All past events are stored in the archive manager and can be managed from this page.

    5. Organizers - In this area you can create event organizers that can be a person or a company that is organizing the event. Each event can select a different organizer and display these details on the event details page.
  3. Archive Manager - All past events are stored in the archive manager and can be managed or unarchived from this page.
  4. Discount Coupons - This is where all discount coupons are created and managed.
  5. Payment Plugins - This page is the payment plugin manager and is where all payment plugins are installed from.
  6. Name Badges - This page will allow you to print name badges for individual events.
  7. Search - This is an advanced search area where you can look up data globally across your entire system. Many various filters are available allowing you to easily search registration records and events.

Other areas of the dashboard include the followign features.

  1. Version - The current installed version of the software is displayed on the right side of the dashboard as well as the current latest version available. (Always keep your extensions up to date)
  2. Add Sample Data - This button will only be shown after a brand new installation of Event Registration Pro. It will install some basic sample data to help get you started. This only works on brand new installations. If any records are found in the database no sample data will be installed.
  3. Common Information Table - This table displays some basic system wide statistics of your event application.
  4. Last 10 Transactions - This table will display a quick fiew of your last 10 event registrations.
  5. Next 10 Upcomming Events - This table will display the next 10 events with a hyperlink to jump to those events.



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