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Event Registration Pro utilizes an advanced installer that will install the entire package of all the basic core extensions at one time such as: the main component and a couple of plugins. You will need to download your preferred addon modules and plugins you wish to use and install those separately. This will allow you to only install what you need without adding extra stuff to your site that you do not need.

NOTE: All Modules and Plugins will be unpublished by default. You will need to publish and configure your modules and plugins individually.

  1. Login to your Joomla! administration control panel.
  2. Navigate to the Extensions -> Extension Manager
  3. Browse to the location of your downloaded package of Event Registration Pro and click the Upload & Install button.
  4. You will get a confirmation that the extension needs to be completely installed by clicking the link that is presented.
  5. Once you click on the link you will see that the installation page will automatically go through the following 7 step installation process. This process will also install the core modules and plugins that are included in Event Registration Pro.



NOTE: YOU DO NOT NEED TO UNINSTALL EVENT REGISTRATION PRO BEFORE YOU INSTLL THE NEW VERSION. YOUR DATA WILL REMAIN UNTOUCHED. Uninstalling only deletes the files, however the database tables will not be deleted.


To upgrade to a new version of Event Registration Pro you will need to first go to www.joomlashowroom.com and verify that you have the latest version available.


The member area of JoomlaShowroom.com will always contain the most recent release available.  After obtaining the most recent version of the software from your account you can simply follow the same steps as the original installation process. This will automatically overwrite all files for the core component, module, and plugins as well as automatically update the database. NOTE: If you have made any customizations to the core files they will be overwritten.


To completely uninstall Registration Pro, simply uninstall the component, and the plugins, modules, etc.

However the database tables for the component will NOT be deleted when the component is uninstalled.

You can manually remove the Reg Pro tables from your database if you no longer need them.




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Demo Access Request

Fill out the form and we will email you access to the demo website where you can experience our extensions.