Adding User Access

Sitelock allows you to create user access credentials that will bypass the lock screen and allow these people to view the website as a normal public visitor would see the website.

Please note: Creating a Sitelock user here will NOT create a Joomla user account. Sitelock users are separate and are used only to bypass the lock splash page.

To create a new user login credential simply enter the username and password into the provided fields and then click the save button after each entry. You can create multiple login details if each person needs a separate login unique to them.

You will need to manually share these login details with the user that needs access as SiteLock does nto send emails to these users.

Logins created here are NOT Joomla users and these login details are ONLY used for bypassing the SiteLock splash screen. The on screen instructions are included.

  • To add user, enter username and password on top of the table and save
  • To change password, enter password next to user's name and save
  • Empty password fields will not be saved
  • To delete user, check the box next to his name and press Delete

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