I purchased at full price and now you are running a sale

From time to time we run sales of our products. The timing of these sales are completely random and occasionally on personal events, business events or public holidays. We give no warning of these sales until the time of the sale. We realize that some people purchase at the normal price just before a sale and then feel saddened that the price has fallen. We would like people to note that just as any business (A retail shop for example) the price you see on a price tag is the price you pay at the moment - it may go up or down tomorrow but you are purchasing today. That nice pair of shoes you purchased last week might be in the Christmas Sale today for only 50% but that does not give you the right to a second pair of shoes or even a refund of the difference. Just because we are a software company does not mean we are any different. We do not offer refunds, exchanges, discounts or additional products just because the price you paid was more when you purchased than today - No shop in the world does that!


The same goes for when a sale has ended. If you seen a sale price a few days ago and now  it is back at the full price then shame on you for not taking advantage of the sale price when you seen it.  Any promotional prices and periods are clearly stated on our website. If a sale period has ended and you missed it, don't blame us.

Don’t miss any updates and notifications of our new Joomla extensions and all the special discounts we have for you.

We never spam!

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