3rd Party Extensions Compatibility

As it is impossible for us to test our framework with every line of code of every other extension for Joomla we have worked very hard to make our components as compatible as possible - we have spent a lot of time on this! - however there may be times when, through no fault of ours, our component just will not work with other extensions. If this is the case we ask that you let us know of any conflicts and we will do our best to provide compatibility in those cases also. This is most commonly found with heavy java scripted templates coded by most of the big template clubs. Due to some of the heavy and unnecessary coding that some template providers do we cannot guarantee that our extensions will work with your template of choice. Incompatibility with other 3rd Party Components is NOT a reason to grant a refund! Its impossible for us to be miracle workers! - please refer to the official Refund Policy for further details on getting help.

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