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Easily check your Joomla articles and K2 items for duplicated aliases in multiple categories.


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Duplicate Alias Checker for Joomla allows you to quickly find and identify any Joomla Articles or K2 Items assigned to different categories that contain duplicate aliases.

Duplicate Alias Checker for Joomla helps you check your Joomla website for duplicated content aliases in multiple categories for Joomla Articles and K2 items. makes this job much more simple and can help larger sites identify and correct these issues that are very harmfull to your SEO. Watch our video to the right to see some different ways that Duplicate Alias Checker for Joomla can help your website.

Joomla allows you to create content articles in different categories with the same alias. If you try to move an article from one category to another one and an article in the other category has the same alias, you will not be able to move the article to the other category. Joomla shows an error that the other category contains an article with the same alias, however it does not tell you what the other article title is. If the article title is different from the alias then this can cause you to spend lots of time searching for the articles with duplicated aliases.


Unlimited Installs

Install Duplicate Alias Checker on as many Joomla websites that you need to. No domain limitations!

Joomla Article Aliases

Check your Joomla articles for duplicated aliases. Adjust your aliases from directly within the component screen.

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K2 Items Aliases

Check your K2 Items for duplicated aliases. You can edit your K2 aliases on the fly from within the component screen.


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