Event Schedule Pro

Event Schedule, Agenda, and Speaker Management for Joomla


Event Schedule Pro is an event schedule, agenda, speaker, and event sessions management system for the Joomla CMS.

Allow your event speakers to sign up and submit session topics for your next event. Then use the drag and drop schedule builder to display your event schedule with ease.

Do you need an all in one solution to manage your event or conference speakers, sessions, and schedule? Then Look no further.

Event Schedule Pro was built for YOU!

With loads of features that will make your event management much easier, faster, and looking more professional than ever, Event Schedule Pro is your best solution for all aspects of event agenda and speaker management.

Current Version: 1.0.4 Stable

Updated on: 17 Aug, 2018

Event Schedule Management Made Easy

Meet the drag and drop, multi-track, agenda builder and speaker management software


Core Features

Robust Speaker Management

Potential event presenters can sign up and fill out their personal bios, upload profile photos, and submit proposals for sessions and talks. Approval workflows allow for speaker notifications of approved talks, sessions and even if they have not been selected to speak at the event.

Drag & Drop Agenda Creator

Once all your speakers have subitted their talks and sessions you can build a single or multi day agaenda using the built in drag and drop schedule builder. This robust feature allows you to easily move sessions around into different time slots and columns.

Rooms and Time Slots

Create multiple rooms (session location) where each session will be held and time slots that each session will take place. Add descriptions for each room to highlight additional information for your attendees. Display all sessions taking place in a single room or show a list of all rooms.

Session Managment

All session submissions by the speakers can go through an approval process that allows for the selection process to be managed easily. Make internal notes when rejecting or approving sessions and speakers to allow multiple administrators to see the status of all submissions.


Intuitive Dashboard

Info At A Glance

View Statistics

Recent Speaker Signups

Recent Session Submissions

Presenter Management

Easily manage all speaker data

Automated approval emails

Manage sesion submissions

Status Management

Multiple Workflow Statuses

View Pending, Approved, Denied

Multiple Status Email Templates

Automate Everything

Automated email templates

Manage 100's of sessions


Event Agenda & Schedule

Flexible mobile friendly responsive design allows your schedule to be accessed on all devices.

Supports multi-day events

Each time slots can have up to 6 columns

Unique schedule layouts for each day

Each day can have it's own description

Colored Session Labels

Links to session details, speaker bios, and room info


Drag & Drop Schedule Builder

Create up to 6 columns of tracks

Easily drag sessions to different columns or time slots

Create unlimited time slots (rows)

Create text based slots for lunch, breaks, and social gatherings

Flexible Layout Options


Event Speaker Presentation

Show off your event speakers & presenters in a list or grid format

Event presenter profile images

Event presenter bios

Links to presenter's social network accounts

Links to presenter's scheduled sessions

Mark featured presenters

Presenter list intro text

Show a button to encourage visitors to sign up as a speaker


Email Templates

Custom email templates allow admins to adjust messages sent for speaker and admin emails.

Status change notifications

Approval/Rejection notifications

Admin notifications

Approval Workflows

Approve/Reject Speakers

Approve/Reject Sessions

Review pending submissions

Admin notes


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